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This will help me gather all the details and timeframe information I need to ensure everything is taken care of on your wedding day! Please note that there are two Submit buttons below. Please be sure to click both! 
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Please label with each of your names.
Wedding Planner/ Day-of Coordinator *
Wedding Planner/ Day-of Coordinator
If you're not working with a professional planner or coordinator, list the name of the person most responsible for making decisions on your behalf on your wedding day.
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Cell Phone
Ceremony start-time: *
Ceremony start-time:
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Reception end-time:
If you are, please make sure that all members know to be dressed and ready on-time prior to the ceremony; this ensures that we will have ample time for photos prior to the ceremony, which in turn lets everyone get to the party that much sooner after the ceremony is over.
Important: please include the street address if you'll be getting ready at a location separate from your ceremony location.
If you're having these things done at a location separate from your hotel or venue (i.e., a salon), please include that location's address too! If no one is having hair and/or makeup done professionally, please list the time you plan to begin getting ready on your wedding day.
For example: "Jane & John Jones - Ann's Mother and Step-Father" or "Robert Smith - Ann's Father". This helps me to be familiar with important names on your wedding day. Please also consider whether or not you'd like extended family photos taken- this includes aunts, uncles, and cousins and is best grouped this way: "The Smith Family - Ann's Paternal Side".
In cases of parents/ step-parents/ divorced parents, please let me know if certain people should/ should not be photographed in the same pose.
Having this information will help me plan things like family portraits and wedding party portraits accordingly- i.e., if a grandparent is wheelchair-bound, I can take this into consideration while location-scouting.
Do you want a post-ceremony photo taken of the two of you with your Officiant? *
Your Ceremony
(Memorials to loved ones, a unity candle, readings or sermons, jumping the broom, handfasting, presenting flowers to mothers, etc.)
Does your ceremony location or officiant have any rules restricting photography? *
Your Reception
This will be slightly earlier than when you will enter your reception, if you're being officially introduced by your DJ or band. This allows for guests to enter the reception space, find their seats, etc.
Will you be having any of these traditional dances/ reception events? *
Please check all that apply.
If you'd prefer to email me about this privately, please do! I love surprises at weddings- but especially if I have the secret scoop beforehand.

After the wedding, I will be blogging a preview of your photos for you to see and share with friends and family. I also like to be able to link to the other vendors who were a part of your wedding, as well as share some photos from the day. (Your florist, for example, may ask that I send her a few photos to showcase her work.) Any information you can give (company name, contact person, email address, website) is helpful for me to credit them properly. Thank you for taking the time to do this! Your vendors will appreciate it!

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Wedding Date:
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