Getting married someplace else?

Weddings have taken me to the some of the loveliest, most unique places I've ever seen- from sprawling family farms in Iowa to charming chapels in New England and down to the no-place-like-it low country of New Orleans and rural Louisiana, I travel often for weddings and would love to travel for yours too.

My out-of-town wedding rate is $3,200 and doesn't vary wildly or have low hourly limits to worry about- that's me there, for up to 10 hours of photography on your wedding day.

I always include all of your final, high-resolution images too, with a personal use license for having prints made wherever and however you like, as well as a password-protected gallery that lets you easily share your photos with family and friends.

That's it. No extra travel fees or anything else to worry about. I'm a big believer in keeping things simple and uncomplicated, so that's exactly what I do.